Friday, March 27, 2015

Update: Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe Signed Robby’s Rule 2015 HB1353 Into Law (and Probably SB1074 Too)

Per Virginia Delegate David Ramadan’s Face book page, Governor McAuliffe signed his House version of Robby’s Rule 2015 into law yesterday. It’s not noted in LIS yet but there is always a delay. 

I had hoped the letter sent from the ACLU of Virginia to Governor McAuliffe asking him to veto Robby’s Rule 2015 and the reasons why would have resonated with our Governor, but sadly naming laws that would not have prevented the original crime from occurring after a victim and that will do more harm than good is still the status quo in Virginia. 

Myth, fear, hate, vengeance and prejudice wins out yet again while facts, due process and successful re-entries into our communities are claimed to be important and to matter....... but the proof-is-in-the-pudding. They don't!

I sincerely hope someone who had not committed a crime in 25 or 35 years and is placed on this VSP Supplemental Registry challenges Robby’s Rule as a violation of ex post facto or a denial of due process….and they win......overturning the entire VSP Supplemental Registry. 
I tried my best to stop Robby’s Rule 2015 from becoming law, I’m sorry everyone! 

Mary Devoy

ACLU Virginia "denounces" McAuliffe's signing of sex registry bill, March 27, 2015

Richmond, VA – The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Virginia today condemned Governor McAuliffe’s action on two bills that will create a new sex offender registry, SB 1074 and HB 1353. 

“We are disappointed in the Governor’s decision to sign these bills,” said ACLU of Virginia Executive Director Claire Guthrie Gastañaga. “Not only does it create an added punishment beyond any penalty handed down as a part of a criminal conviction, it also fails to provide any rational connection to public safety.

Lenore Skenazy on Sex Offender Registries: “I don’t like hysteria and I love safety. Sometimes hysteria doesn’t lead to safety and it leads to cruelty. When you’re afraid, you become desperate and don’t consult the facts”.

Stop the sex-offender registry panic: “A lot of those dots on the map would never hurt your kids” , March 27, 2015
Lenore Skenazy of the "free-range kids" movement is bent on defending those unfairly labeled as threats to children
By Tracy Clark-Flory
Lenore Skenazy came to fame for letting her 9-year-old son ride the New York subway home by himself. Or rather, she came to fame by letting him ride the subway home alone and then writing about it for the New York Sun. 

The piece led to an outcry — she was dubbed “America’s worst mom” — which, of course, meant that the essay had to become a book: “Free-Range Kids, How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Children (Without Going Nuts With Worry).” In the five years since its publication, the book has inspired a movement among parents who want to give their children the freedom to do things like walk home from school alone. It’s a backlash to our age of “helicopter” and “bubble wrap” parenting. (If you suspect these monikers are exaggerations, consider that a Skenazy devotee recently had five police cars arrive at his house after his 10- and 6-year-old were seen walking alone.) Now Skenazy has a show on the Discovery Life channel, “World’s Worst Mom,” which sees her swooping into homes and coaching overprotective parents in a style reminiscent of the ABC reality-TV show “Suppernanny.” 

Recently, Skenazy has taken on a new, albeit related, cause: reform of the sex offender registry. Clearly, this lady is not afraid of controversy. On Sunday, she held a “Sex Offender Brunch” at her house to introduce “her friends in the press to her friends on the Registry.” One of her guests was Josh Gravens, who at age 12 inappropriately touched his 8-year-old sister and landed on the registry as an adult, and who I interviewed previously for Salon. The materials accompanying her press release contend that the sex offender registry, which was created to “let people identify dangerous individuals nearby…has failed to have any real impact on child safety, and may actually do more harm than good.” She’s effectively flinging open the closet door and saying, “See? There’s no boogeyman in there” (or, if you will, flipping on the lights to offer assurance that the “monster” in the corner is actually just a lamp that made some mistakes when it was younger and means no harm). This is entirely consistent with her “Free-Range Kids” activism, but she’s taking it a step further now, moving beyond just squashing parental fears about stranger danger to helping those who have been unfairly labeled as dangerous strangers.I spoke with Skenazy by phone about how she found her new cause, why the public registry fails to protect kids and the real risks that “stranger danger” ignores.