Sunday, April 5, 2015

Pope Francis 2015 Easter Homily: “Go beyond our own comfort zone, beyond the laziness and indifference which hold us back, and go out in search of truth, beauty and love”

The official Vatican translation of the Pope’s homily at the Easter Vigil in St Peter’s Basilica: 

Tonight is a night of vigil. The Lord is not sleeping; the Watchman is watching over his people (cf Ps 121:4), to bring them out of slavery and to open before them the way to freedom. 

The Lord is keeping watch and, by the power of his love, he is bringing his people through the Red Sea.

He is also bringing Jesus through the abyss of death and the netherworld. 

This was a night of vigil for the disciples of Jesus, a night of sadness and fear. The men remained locked in the Upper Room. Yet, the women went to the tomb at dawn on Sunday to anoint Jesus’s body. Their hearts were overwhelmed and they were asking themselves: “How will we enter? Who will roll back the stone of the tomb?…”