Monday, April 13, 2015

Michael Hiltzik: Another (Incredibly Trivialized) Attack on Social Security -The Scandal That Isn't: Sex Offenders Scamming Social Security

Another (incredibly trivialized) attack on Social Security, April 10, 2015
By Michael Hiltzik
  • The scandal that isn't: Sex offenders scamming Social Security
  • How to make a mountain out of a molehill: Pretend that Social Security going to 18 convicts is a big deal

The National Journal, an elite newsmagazine that claims to be "regarded as the most influential publication in Washington," is trumpeting a big scoop about Social Security on its homepage. 

"Social Security Doles Out More Than $500,000 to Sexual Predators," the Journal reports.  

Since the National Journal also claims to be "fiercely honest and scrupulously non-partisan," this sounds like something worth looking into.  

So let's do so.

The Results are in for 2015 General Assembly Legislation/Bill Totals, for the First Time in 10 Years “Sex Offender” Bills with Fiscal Impact to State Budget Were NOT in the Top 3, BUT The Grand Total of “Sex Offender” Bills in 2015 Was Almost Identical to 2014!

First…. a Side Note: 

Have you ever wondered what Virginia Delegates and Senators submit the MOST Bills (proposed legislation) during a General Assembly session? 

How about what Virginia Delegates and Senators submit the LEAST number of Bills? 

What about their success rate, getting a bill through session to be signed, vetoed or amended by the Governor? Are there ANY Legislators who don’t get any bills passed or what about a 100% success rate, are there any? 

Well….just yesterday I found a news article that broke down these specific numbers for the 2015 session into two interactive charts. What’s the batting average for Virginia legislators? and it’s VERY interesting!
Ø       Of the 793 bills introduced in the Virginia Senate in 2015, 344 passed. That’s a 43.37% success rate.
Ø       Of the 1,125 bills introduced in the Virginia House in 2015, 455 passed. That’s a 40.44% success rate. 


A quick reminder for readers, the Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission (VCSC) is not a Legislative branch like the Virginia State Crime Commission (VSCC), members of the VCSC can be found here . The VCSC is a Judicial branch, they mainly conduct studies and gather data on sentencing guidelines in Virginia. They hold 4 public meetings per year, the meetings begin at 10am and usually end around 12-noon, they are open to the public but very few people ever attend.   

The VCSC held their first meeting of 2015 today which always includes the “Top 7 Fiscal Impact Requests” for Legislation during the last Virginia General Assembly session, information I look forward to receiving as a volunteer advocate who attends the Virginia General Assembly session to oppose myth-based Sex Offender legislation. I attended today's meeting and have my copy of the full presentation which has not yet been posted on the VCSC website I've added the 2015 numbers to the last 9 years worth of data . 

Virginia State Police Spokeswoman Corinne Geller: “The bottom line is NOT every sex offender is prohibited from being on school property”

Henrico school security system organizes visitors, but can't stop intruders, April 13, 2015
By Ted Strong

As focus on school security has increased, school divisions have turned to high-technology solutions to lock children away from outside threats. But sometimes that new technology is far from a foolproof solution, and security still depends on the vigilance of teachers and staff. 

Take J.R. Tucker High School in Henrico County as an example. 

The school has a new, high-tech system to identify visitors and check them against sex offender registries. But it is still a campus-style school with students traveling between rooms along open-air walkways, and it is visible from Parham Road.