Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Is that 20 or 30 Year Old Polaroid of Your Teen-Self, Partially or Fully Nude That's Sitting in an Old Shoe Box Way Up in Your Attic…. Child Pornography????? Yes It Is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I read the below Dear Prudence submission and answer earlier today and at first I thought very little about it. But then I thought…. 

There is no time-frame (pre- 1997) for self-produced photographs of teenagers, by teenagers not to be considered child pornography by either Federal or State Child Pornography laws. 

Just because the mother took the photo of herself or had a friend take it for her long ago perhaps in 1975, 1980, 1988, 1995 or 2000………. the photo is of a nude 14 year old, the photo exists today and her now 14 year old son has seen the image and asked the mother who didn’t confess the photo was of her if perhaps his father is viewing child pornography, today. 

A 10, 20 or 30 year old image that the mother has held onto for sentimental reasons has now opened herself, her husband, the possible taker of the photograph and her son to criminal investigation…..especially since she wrote in to Dear Prudence and she posted the letter. 

Do I want this mother to be investigated for production, distribution or possession of Child Pornography? No. 

But in reality the mother could be! 

And Dear Prudence should have realized that before she published this mother’s careless behavior. Yes I said careless! Nothing in your home is off limits to snooping children, if you don’t have it under lock and key you should expect it to be discovered. 

Telling readers to carefully hide their underage “naughty photos” might make for humorous reading but it’s actually setting people up to fail. 

Hey folks, if you are holding on to any nude photographs of yourself from when you were younger than 18 years old, get rid of them before your kids find them and possibly take them to school for show-and-tell or load them onto Instagram!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Could the authorities consider that destruction of evidence? Yes they could…… but the fact is a 20-30 year old Polaroid that was taken with full knowledge and participation of the person in the photo who is now an adult shouldn’t be considered a crime today, but it could be! 

We don't need more innocent people on America's Sex Offender Registries. 

Mary Devoy

Dear Prudence: My son found nude photos of me as a teenager, April 28, 2015