Friday, May 8, 2015

The Trickle Down Effect of the Label: You Lose Your Sense of Purpose, Friends and Hope for the Future...... Because Once People know You Are a ‘Sex Offender’, they Recoil as if You Are Toxic

Daniel Lampke stands outside the Academic Spine
on one of his last days as a UB student. / by Sara DiNatale
The below article (which is a MUST read) is New York, not Virginia..... so the specific laws and the classification system are different but the end result is the same.  

Young autistic people are being labeled as dangerous sex offenders because of images that are readily available for free from the Internet. 

Once you are labeled a public Sex Offender the statute of the conviction or the specifics of your case don’t matter.

You can not enroll in college, you can not secure housing or employment, you could be prohibited from Internet-use even though almost EVERYTHING personal, professional and financial is done on the Internet in 2015 and finding someone who will love you and live with the stigma is almost impossible! You are a pariah that no one wants to be near and your successful reentry into society becomes unobtainable. But our lawmakers continue to pile on new restrictions, retroactively... they impose higher classifications.... and more/ longer regulations and requirements under the guise of public safety....even though ZERO facts over the last 20 years support that such registries, labels, regulations and restrictions protect us. 

Mary Devoy 

Facing the system: Former UB student struggles as Level 2 sex offender, May 8, 2015
By Sara Dinatale

Daniel Lampke, once a UB student, was labeled a Level 2 sex offender. His status has made it impossible for him to remain enrolled in college.  

Larry Lampke just had heart surgery and was lying on a mattress set up in his living room when officers from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security brought his son Daniel through the front door.  

His damaged heart raced.