Sunday, May 17, 2015

Shaun Webb is the Standard Not the Exception, When Conviction Not Truth is the States Primary Motivation. “I’ve been accused once falsely, so I know it can happen”

A worthwhile read plus 3 short videos. 

Mary Devoy

Does Michigan's sex offender registry keep us safer?
Experts say such registries can be counterproductive; courts question constitutional fairness.
By L.L. Brasier

If you click on the above link you can watch a:
  1. 3:55 video of Shaun Webb
  2. 1:00 video of Attorney Shannon Smith
  3. 2:27 video Dr. Jennifer Zoltowski 
It has been 10 years since Shaun Webb, a married father and caretaker at an Oakland County Catholic church, was convicted of groping a teenage girl over her sweater, a claim Webb vehemently denies.

Webb, then-37 with a clean criminal record, was convicted of misdemeanor sexual assault and sent to jail for seven months. 

Though a misdemeanor, state law demanded Webb be listed on the same public sex offender registry as hard-core rapists, pedophiles and other felons. It has meant a decade of poverty, unemployment, harassment and depression for him. Under current state law, he'll be on the list until 2031.