Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Action Item: Is the Virginia State Police Limiting Access in Your District to Register, Re-Register or Update Mandated Information (in Time) as Required by Virginia Law?

(See Action Item Post above/dated May 20, 2015 as follow up to this post)

Dear Followers, 

See the sign above? I need to know if your Virginia State Police (VSP) location has a similar policy. 

If it does please send me the following:
  1. The physical address of the location
  2. What hours are listed as open for the appointments/registrations?
  3. Approximately when (Month and Year) did they begin this practice?
  4. How did you learn of this new policy? 
    • In person when you went to the Barracks to register? If so were you turned away that day or did they take your update?
    • In person during a home compliance check by your Compliance Officer?
    • In writing? If so via mail? Handed a letter?  If, so do you still have a copy?
  5. Have you experienced any delays in getting your information updated within the 3 day or 30 minute window (per Virginia law) because there were no openings for an appointment even though you were ready to travel to the VSP Barracks?
Any information you send me will remain anonymous and unspecific. 

I was recently advised that the Virginia State Police location on Newtown Rd (Norfolk) had a sign posted for Registered Sex Offenders who needed to register that walk-in’s were no longer an option and they must be scheduled ahead of time, with their VSP Compliance Officer. All Sex Offender Registry (SOR) updates must be “by appointment”…… to register, re-register or update information with your assigned VSP Compliance Officer. I was advised that this sign has been up for OVER 1 year. That RSO’s received no advanced notice (by phone, via mail or in-person) of the change and in fact some/many of them didn’t even know who their Compliance Officer was when the sign went up. And since the sign has gone up RSO’s who have needed an appointment within 30 minutes or less than 3 days even when they’ve told their Compliance Officer the change needs to made that day or by a certain day to comply with Virginia law they are still given an appointment days later…..AFTER the RSO’s legal requirement. Who might suffer consequences from this? The RSO, that’s who and that, is unacceptable! 

Hopewell Virginia Mother Facing Charges for Revenge Porn, But Is It?

Remember when the Revenge Porn Law was being proposed and debated? I do! 

Is it too vague and most likely unconstitutional? Yep! 

Is the below story/situation how the Virginia Legislators intended for the Revenge Porn law to be applied? Nope! 

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