Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Corey Levitan: You Might Be a Sex Offender and Not Even Know It! Have you ever peed in public? Or hugged a child? Or been naked in your own home? You might be in trouble

You Might Be a Sex Offender and Not Even Know It! May 20, 2015
Have you ever peed in public? Or hugged a child? Or been naked in your own home? You might be in trouble
By Corey Levitan 

Because I walk around the house naked way more than my wife would prefer, she recently played a joke on me. As I sometimes like to do, I donned only flip-flops to enter our garage and get something from my tool shelf. I was a full 20 feet inside when I heard the garage door rumble open. 

I had to give her credit. This not only related her point perfectly—that I am perhaps not wearing pants as often as I should—but was undeniably hysterical. However, then I heard the voices of little children playing outside, near our driveway. 

State laws that require pedophiles and rapists to register as sex offenders are a good thing. They prohibit them from being near schools, parks, or playgrounds, and make their identities easily learned by new neighbors and employers. 

But some of the criminals listed on “offender locator” apps deserve to be there way less than others. In fact, you may have committed some of the very same crimes that got them listed alongside playground prowlers.

Families Against Mandatory Minimums Commends 3 U.S. House Members (Including Virginia’s Bobby Scott) for Saying “No” to Expanded Mandatory Minimums

FAMM’s Julie Stewart Commends 3 House Members for Saying “No” to Expanded Mandatory Minimums May 19, 2015

Three members of the U.S. House of Representatives voted “no” today on S. 178, the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act of 2015, a human trafficking bill that will expand federal mandatory minimum sentences. Julie Stewart, president and founder of Families Against Mandatory Minimums, had this to say:  

“There is no question in my mind that human trafficking demands our attention and law enforcement resources, but there’s also no question that expanding mandatory minimum sentences is the wrong way to do it. Every time members of Congress create a new mandatory minimum, they end up disproportionately punishing offenders they never intended to.  

Why Not Create.......Virginia State Police Sex Offender Registry Kiosks for Registration Updates?

My husband and I had this discussion over a year ago and yesterdays experience (see earlier post, below) of no one being at a Norfolk VSP location at all (during operating hours) to take an RSO’s Registration updates because they have an unwritten “by appointment” policy has me circling back on this idea. 

Every time an RSO must register, reregister, get their photo taken or update basic information a VSP employee take the information and fills out paperwork by hand. Then that paperwork is sent to VSP Headquarters for another VSP employee to enter into the database by hand, allowing for typos, errors and delays. The majority of our RSO’s must re-register 4 times a year plus any additional residence, employment, vehicle, phone number or email changes. Last November the number of RSO’s under VSP supervision was 8,726 and under DOC Probation was 3,478, that’s at least 27,000 forms being filled out and entered in 12 months. 

Why not place VSP SOR Kiosks (like an ATM) outside every VSP Barracks in the State?