Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Crucify Him or Forgive Him? Everyone….it Seems Has an Opinion When it Comes to Josh Duggar, But Would Their Current Opinion be the Same if it Weren’t About a Duggar?


Sarah Palin hits media ‘double standard’ on Duggars, calls Lena Dunham a ‘pedophile’, June 4, 2015
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For 5 days I’ve debated about writing a post on the “Josh Duggar situation”. 

I’ve started 2 different posts combining some facts from articles I’ve added to the  In the News page and both times I’ve stopped and deleted what I’ve written. Then I found the below article today and I decide it was time to post.

I’ve read just about every article, editorial and public comment  about Josh Duggar sexually touching young girls when he was 14 years old, 13 years ago. 

Blood-thirsty people are demanding criminal charges be filed against Josh Duggar, they are happy Josh Duggar has lost his job/income to support his family, they want Josh’s parents to be criminally charged, they want TLC to cancel their show, people are trying to guess “which sisters, was it”, a past TLC show personality is threatening a lawsuit if the Duggar show isn’t cancelled because her show was cancelled because she was dating a Registered Sex Offender (RSO), then there are people who are saying Josh Duggar has changed, he deserves a second chance and something he did when he was a 14 year old (some articles say 15 years old) juvenile shouldn’t define him as a 27 year old adult. 

People are calling Josh Duggar a Sex Offender, a Pedophile, a Monster and a Hypocrite.

Tasha Tsiaperas: Frisco Woman Recounts Childhood Sexual Abuse to Help Inmates in Rehab

Frisco woman recounts childhood sexual abuse to help inmates in rehab, May 25, 2015
By Tasha Tsiaperas

Marti Martin spent years being angry at the men who sexually assaulted her as a child. Decades ashamed of the abuse. 

That anger threatened to destroy her marriage — and herself — until she learned how to forgive and move forward. 

Now when Martin, 52, stands in front of a room full of inmates at the Texas State Penitentiary in Huntsville, she doesn’t see convicted sex offenders. 

“I see little boys, little boys who were hurt, little boys who were abused,” Martin says. “I don’t see grown men who purposefully wanted to hurt people. I see something that goes a little deeper. There’s something there that caused them to do what they did.” 

The Frisco woman drives 400 miles round trip every other month to share her story with a group of inmates completing a sex offender rehabilitation program.