Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Action Alert from ACLU of Virginia: Tell the VA Supreme Court to End Trial by Ambush!


JUSTICE SYSTEM: Make Virginia trials more fair, June 4, 2015

Major rule changes proposed for pre-trial discovery in criminal cases, June 1, 2015

Original Post:

Today I received an email Action Alert (see below) from the ACLU of Virginia. 

A past post back on April 11, 2014 showed how Virginia’s “Trial by Ambush” works against defendants. 

Before that article, there was a May 29, 2013 Virginian Pilot article Sharing details between lawyers may change in Va. which I shared with all of the Virginia lawmakers later that day.  

When the false accusation was levied against my husband back in mid-May 2007 no one involved in the investigation would tell us what the teenager who lied to save her dog from being euthanized was claiming had occurred.  

We begged the Hanover Commonwealth Attorneys office and the Hanover County Investigator to come interview us, we asked repeatedly what she was claiming he had done, no interview was ever granted and no one would tell us anything.