Sunday, June 7, 2015

Virginia Crime Report 2014: Pornography and Prostitution Arrests Increased for the Second Year in a Row, Juvenile Arrests Dropped and the Number of Male Victims Increased in the Last Year. But 76 of the 1198 Pornography Arrests Were Juveniles (Children), Not Adults that’s 6.3% of the Total!

When the 2013 Virginia Crime Report was released last year I did not do a post on the totals. The last time I posted Virginia Crime Report stats was back in 2013 for the 2012 Report. 

So let’s see what a difference a few years makes.
In 2014:
There were 4,949 victims of the 4,668 forcible sex offenses (up from 2013) reported by the contributing agencies; 85.5% of the victims were female.  

The breakdown of Group A Offenses totals 444,022 crimes (down from 2013) of this group:
  • Forcible Sex Offenses were 1.11% of offenses
  • Non-Forcible Sex Offenses were 0.04% of offenses
  • Pornography* was 0.26% of offenses
  • Prostitution* was 0.29% of offenses