Saturday, June 13, 2015

2015 Center for Prosecutor Integrity Summit in Arlington Virginia

Yesterday I traveled to Arlington, VA to attend the first day of the two day Summit held by the Center for Prosecutor Integrity. Last year I attended the second day of the 2014 summit. 

I attended yesterday’s conference for one specific reason to meet and attend Tonya Craft's presentation. 

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Tonya Craft here are some old articles:
·       Tonya Craft's Alleged Victim Reports How She Remembered Abuse: 'My Momma Told Me' April 15, 2010
·       Tonya Craft, Former Georgia Teacher, Acquitted of Molestation Charges May 12, 2010
·       Tonya Craft, Kindergarten Teacher, Not Guilty on 22 Molestation Charges May 12, 2010
·       A New Wave of Prosecutorial Hysteria: The Railroading of Tonya Craft April 2010
·       Saving Tonya Craft: An Integration of Science and Law 2011

Ms. Craft said yesterday that she has written a new book that will be released near the end of this year titled From Prosecuted to the Prosecutor’s Office as she has one year of law school left and is planning on becoming a District Attorney/Prosecutor. I just checked and could not find that soon to be released title but found these two, The Truth Will Set You Free: Surviving My Nightmare of False Accusations and  Accused: My Fight for Truth, Justice and the Strength to Forgive .