Thursday, June 18, 2015

Virginia Supreme Court Appeal: Ailing 81-year-old Sex Offender Inmate was on His Way to Geriatric Release Last Year When His Case Disappeared from a State Computer System

Inmate, 81, claims wrongdoing in failed bid for release, June 18, 2015
By Frank Green
Lawyers for an imprisoned, ailing 81-year-old sex offender contend he was on his way to geriatric release last year when his case disappeared from a state computer system. 

When it reappeared a few weeks later, the Virginia Parole Board had a new chair and his bid for freedom was turned down. 

An appeal filed in the Virginia Supreme Court last week, supported in part by an affidavit from the former chairman of the parole board, William Muse, accuses the parole board of shenanigans that violated Bonnell Boyd’s rights.

“Boyd was about to receive the necessary number of votes ... when — flagrantly, without authorization and in violation of the Parole Board’s own rules — the voting was improperly manipulated and stopped, then restarted anew weeks after Muse retired,” alleges the 17-page appeal. 

The intent of the computer manipulation, allege Boyd’s lawyers, Jonathan Sheldon of Fairfax and Thomas M. Wolf of Richmond, was to make sure that Muse’s vote would be nullified and Boyd’s release denied.