Sunday, June 21, 2015

Oklahoma Disseminates the Legal Do’s and Don’t to Their RSO’s, But 7 Years Later the State of Virginia Still Refuses to Do It!

Virginia not only chooses NOT to disseminate this information but fights any suggestion or attempt by anyone who tries to implement such a process! 

Mary Devoy

Sex offenders must register and follow a required set of rules, June 20, 2015

Oklahoma- Every sex offender who registers with the Enid Police Department is read, and then must sign, four pages of rules they are required to follow. 

Enid Police Department Sgt. Dustin Albright is responsible for tracking and registering the more than 50 offenders residing within the city. 

He said each time an offender registers, he collects the information required by state law; such as a criminal history check, fingerprints and photographs. 

Albright then sits with each offender and goes over each point of the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registration Act Notice of Duty to Register. 

“I go over the registration form, which contains all the basic information and criminal offenses, a description of their vehicle, their employment, address, etc.,” he said. “Then I go over the Notice of Duty to Register form. I fully explain each rule and read it to them.” 

The form explains it is illegal for any offender required to register “to work with, or provide services to children or to work on school premises, or for any person or business which contracts for work to be performed on school premises.”

It also outlines where those offenders classified as aggravated or habitual are prohibited from residing, or visiting. 

NPR California: For Registered Sex Offenders, An Uphill Civil Rights Battle

For Registered Sex Offenders, An Uphill Civil Rights Battle, June 21, 2015

In 2010, Frank Lindsay came home after running errands and noticed his front door was wide open. When he went inside to investigate, he found a young man in his dining room with two hammers — "one in each hand," he recalls. 

"And he immediately raised the hammer in his right hand and started at me, indicating he wanted to kill me because I was a sick pervert." 

The attacker had found Lindsay's address on California's Sex Offender Registry. 

July 1st in Virginia: New Laws Take Effect!


New Virginia laws take effect today, July 1, 2015
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As most followers of this blog know back in January and February 2015 the Virginia Legislature met in Richmond for the annual General Assembly (Regular Session) and then met for one day in April for the “Veto Session”. 
  • To review the history of the bills that I tracked, supported and opposed during the 2015 session, go here
  • To learn how a bill becomes law in Virginia, go here
All bills that passed the Virginia Legislature and were signed by Governor Terry McAuliffe become law on Wednesday July 1, 2015! 

  • To view the full list of all new Virginia laws for 2015, go here or here.
Remember ignorance of a law is NOT an accepted defense in any court! 

As always, to know what Virginia laws apply to Registered Sex Offenders (RSO’s), you can go here . Unlike with ANY other newly created law, RSO laws ARE applied retroactively. Per § 9.1-901. Section C unless a specific start date is provided, “all new provisions of the Virginia Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry Act shall be applied retroactively”.