Thursday, July 9, 2015

Virginia State Police (VSP) Sex Offender Help Desk and Barracks Operating Hours and Observed Holidays

As most readers know the Virginia State Police (VSP) who is the monitor and manager of the Virginia Sex Offender Registry and our Registrants has a Sex Offender Registry (SOR) Help Desk (Hotline) to answer Sex Offenders questions. Although per § 9.1-917. the VSP is NOT liable for giving out incorrect, incomplete or outdated information to those who make an inquiry. 

Now if you visit the VSP website, (as of 07/09/15) there is no mention of the SOR Help Desk/Line (804-674-2825) anywhere! No phone number, no hours of operation, nothing! 

Just like the various VSP Barrack location hours of operation or SO registration limitations, there is no information on the VSP website, anywhere! 

Then this week I was advised that the VSP Hotline was not available last Friday July 3rd. Independence Day (July 4th) was Saturday so I presumed that means when a holiday lands on a weekend the corresponding weekday is being used. But this is information that has never been shared with RSO’s previously as there is no VSP list of RSO rules in Virginia. 

So I re-visited the VSP website, looking for a list of their official holidays knowing that they would apply to the Barracks and the Hotline. I found nothing……..including no existence of a search window to assist in my search of the VSP website. 

The VSP website does have:
  1. FAQ’s for citizens who want to know if a Sex Offender is breaking the law
  2. A comment box for citizens to report possible non-compliant Sex Offenders
  3. Sign up for citizens to receive notifications of RSO’s changes in registration
  4. The full Legislative History of the VSP Registry
  5. and all the legal statutes that require registration as a Sex Offender in Virginia
  6. A form for employers to request the criminal history of an employee 
So I contacted the VSP. If their website wasn’t going to have a dedicated page with the Hotline phone number, hours of operation and holidays then I would request that information and post it here for everyone to be able to access.

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This piece was reported through The Marshall Project, a nonprofit news organization that covers the U.S. criminal-justice system.