Saturday, July 11, 2015

Election Day November 3, 2015: ALL 140 Virginia House and Senate Seats are Up for Grabs……… Well 61 Are in Reality, the Other 79 Seats are Unopposed. Plus There is a Special Election on July 21, 2015 for the 74th House District Which was Vacated Back in March.

It’s campaign season in Virginia, you can't miss the signs in front yards, major intersections and along the interstates. How about the brochures in your mailbox and on your front door, just wait until September when they really step it up!
I previously posted about the June 9, 2015 Primaries here and here. 

A reminder: Every two years Virginia Delegates run for re-election and every four years Virginia Senators run for re-election. This November 3, 2015 ALL 140 seats are up for election