Monday, July 20, 2015

Lenore Skenazy: “The sex offender list is a dungeon we can throw people in on the slightest pretext. Politicians and grandstanders exhort us to fear those on it”

When a Teen Had Sex With Another Teen, a Judge Tore His Family Apart, June 20, 2015
By Lenore Skenazy

At last America is realizing how Taliban-esque our sex offender laws can be. First came the story of Elkhart, Indiana’s Zach Anderson, which hit the front page of The New York Times recently (you read it on first). 

Anderson, 19, had sex with a girl who told him she was 17 but turned out to be 14, and a judge decided that makes Anderson a sex offender for life. Learning about his case, another family in Elkhart couldn’t believe it. 

Their son was living out the same story.

Probation Demands and Limitations on an RSO Being Challenged in a NY Court: "If you commit a crime, and you're punished, you should be allowed to serve your debt to society and then move on"

I have heard from many of you over the last 7 years where VADOC Probation Officers thinking they are God make demands and limitations on our RSO’s that go way beyond what should be allowed and make day-to-day life nearly impossible.

Well, I just found the below case going on in NY, it will be interesting to see how the court rules in NY and if in favor of the RSO precedence could be set for other RSO’s in other states to challenge outlandish Probation restrictions and demands. 


Bronx Dad's Case Tests Restrictions on Sex Offenders
By Adam Klasfeld

MANHATTAN (CN) - With a name resembling a kindergartner's alphabet primer, the lawsuit ABC v. DEF takes on far more insidious themes - namely the parental rights of a Bronx man who spent eight years in prison for raping his ex's teenage niece.

A federal judge issued an order in the case last week that could earn that man unspecified financial compensation from New York state.

Three law professors interviewed by Courthouse News say they have never heard a sex offender case quite like it.

In Virginia an Accusation Alone is Sufficient to Convict and Imprison Innocent People, Mark Weiner is Just the Latest Example of Virginia’s Justice System Run Amuck

I have said it before and I will continue to raise the flag of awareness. In Virginia an accusation alone is sufficient to convict and imprison innocent people.  

They get swept up by Virginia’s pathetic Rules of Discovery, our archaic 21-Day Rule and/or by Prosecutors (Commonwealth’s Attorneys) who refuse to drop cases that should have never been perused but due to public pressure to believe ALL victims no matter what, they plow forward with a criminal case where no evidence exists or evidence to prove the contrary is present and they suppress or ignore its existence. 

Luckily for Mark Weiner Commonwealth Attorney Denise Lunsford FINALLY did the right thing and Mr. Weiner has been freed, plus he was not convicted of a crime that required registration as a Sex Offender, but think about all the other Virginians sitting in prison right now or listed for life on the VSP Registry who were convicted solely on an accusation by a crazy or vindictive person.  

Only because the Virginia Innocence Projects took up their cases did these two young men finally receive justice, most wrongly convicted people don't get that kind of help and they continue to suffer (and their family members) until the day they die. 

Too many innocent Virginians will never get that kind of attention or assistance and so they will ONLY ever be known as a convicted felon, a prison inmate and/or a Registered Sex Offender. 

Mary Devoy 

When Prosecutors Believe the Unbelievable, July 16, 2015
A man is finally freed, but that doesn’t mean the system worked.
By Dahlia Lithwick