Sunday, July 26, 2015

Virginia School Districts Mailing Letters Banning Parents Who are RSO’s from School Property In Addition to the Virginia Law that Already Bans Them Until They Obtain a Court Order to Gain Access

So this article really isn’t that great and I believe it will most likely result in hateful online comments from the public on the V.P’s Facebook page based on the RSO's (crimes) chosen for the article but I decided to go ahead and post I here for those of you who would be interested. 

This article is confusing because Virginia law already bans Violent RSO’s (not Non-Violent, which is approximately 17% of our Registry) from School property and Virginia law allows for the court petition process but it appears School Districts are sending RSO parents letters on their own saying the parent is banned, If you click on the Virginian Pilot link to read the article at the very bottom they have PDF’s of some of the letters sent by Virginia Beach schools. Now I'm wondering if some school districts are banning Non-Violent RSO's which by law can be on school property but if the school bans them they could be charged with trespassing.

I was under the impression the article was going to be about HB1366 becoming law and the process that RSO parents must go through to obtain a court order to legally be on school property but it turns out more to be about letters that Virginia Beach sends to RSO's banning them from the property.

The article INCORRECTLY states I am the Executive Director o Reform Sex Offender Laws of Virginia. As most of you know RSOL of Virginia (501c4) folded back in November 2012, I’m not sure why the reporter didn’t ask me to confirm that or looked at my email signature or even the title of the-is/my blog but it appears he did not.  There hasn't been an RSOL of Virginia for 2.5 years.