Monday, August 3, 2015

WTKR August 3, 2015 Story by Margaret Kavanagh - Could You Unknowingly be Living Next to a Sex Offender? – Update it was ALL About Robby’s Rule 2015!

"Robby's Rule 2015" Fixes a Non-Existent Loophole

6:35pm – August 3, 2015: 

WTKR in Hampton Roads ran a “teaser” all day titled Could you unknowingly be living next to a sex offender? with a  sex crime victim in shadow saying she hasn’t been able to find the man that abused her. Then the “teaser” had Delegate Ron Villanueva saying “This will help close the loop, help strengthen the list and make sure our citizens are protected”. 

I called the reporter around 12 noon at WTKR to find out what the issue was, she never called me back. 

I called Delegate Villanueva’s office around 12 noon to find out what “loophole” exists, he never called me back. 

So I waited 7 hours for WTKR to run/post the full story so I could find out what Sex Offenders aren’t on the VSP Registry for neighbors to find.

I was thinking it was going to be about the military convictions not resulting in registration on Sex Offender Registries and the multiple Bills in Congress to fix this issue. 

It turns out the hype on WTKR that Virginians are unknowingly living next door to a Sex Offender was actually about Robby’s Rule 2015 (VSP Supplemental Sex Offender Registry HB1353 and SB1074) becoming law on July 1st (see below)  . 

The VSP Supplemental Registry WILL BE a data-dump of 30 and 40 year old court records that will never be updated. There will be no photographs, no addresses and no information if the person is still living in Virginia or is deceased. It's all an unknown today and it will be an unknown on January 1st. So the sex crime victim  whose identity was hidden on WTKR who doesn’t know where the man who abused her 30 or 40 years ago lives now, still will not after the VSP Supplemental Registry goes online by January 1st. 

Those who WILL BE listed on the VSP Supplemental Registry are NOT “Registered Sex Offenders” which means they are not mandated to register with the VSP, they are not managed or monitored by the VSP, they do not have to abide by the many restrictions and regulations that “Registered Sex Offenders” do and no one will know where they actually live. Because their convictions are pre-1995 and to require them to register as  public Sex Offenders would be a violation of ex post facto. 

I would have hoped Delegate Villanueva would have explained what Robby's Rule actually does or doesn't do instead of jumping on the propaganda band-wagon by claiming there was a "loophole" and now it's closed and so Virginians will be safer by January 1st.
WTKR's Could you unknowingly be living next to a sex offender? was a hype-ridden, fear-mongering, misleading cowpie. That’s right I said, cowpie! 

Could you be unknowingly living next door to a sex offender? Yes you could and the VSP Supplemental Registry won't change any of that because unless you know your neighbors name and it is a very uncommon name you won't know if that 30 or 40 year old court record is about your neighbor or some else with a similar name.

WTKR called this investigative news, it was sensationalism 100%.

Mary Davye Devoy 

5:53pm – August 3, 2015 Update/Story:

Norfolk, Va. – Memories of childhood sexual abuse haunt a woman.  She didn`t want to be identified because of her current job. 

She says a man who was supposed to be caring for her was violating her sexually when she was around the age of 6.

30 years later, she says she`s still traumatized.