Tuesday, August 4, 2015

19 Year Old Zach Anderson of Indiana Who was Convicted in Michigan and Mandated to Register as a Sex Offender for the Next 25 Years has Become the "Poster Child" of Why the Sex Offender Laws and Public Registries in the U.S. Need Serious Reform


CBS This Morning Video: Indiana family fights to overturn teen sex offender ruling, August 5, 2015
Zach Anderson, 19, goes before a judge Wednesday, fighting to save his future. He was convicted in April of having consensual sex with a 14-year-old girl. But she told him she was 17. Despite that admission, the judge put Anderson on the sex offender's registry until April 2040. CBS News legal expert Rikki Klieman, a former sex crimes prosecutor, joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss the case.

Original Post:

I have previously posted articles and interviews with Zach’s parents Less and Amanda including a recent ABC Nightline interview that followed Zach’s released from jail.  

Zach is the one that met a girl online who claimed to be 17 years old, they had consensual sex and then he finds out she was really 14 years old after the fact. For the next 25 years Zach will be a Registered Sex Offender, he can not live at his parents home because of residency restrictions and he can not pursue his college education for a degree in  Computer Programming/Design because he’s banned from having Internet access. 

There has also been 2 radio talk shows (that I posted) on Sex Offender Registries and the need for reform, ALL because Zach’s case has people talking and questioning how this could happen. 

Today there are two more articles on Zach’s story (see below) that I wanted to be sure to post. 

I am so pleased that not only his parents have been outspoken about the problems with Sex Offender Registries but now Zach is advocating too. So many times the parents or the spouse of a Registrant speak up and lobby for change but the Registrant can not bring themselves to stand up in front of lawmakers and reporters to advocate not just for themselves but for others. It’s take serious courage to advocate for Sex Offender Reform and the Andersons are doing a great job! 

Yes their main goal is to get Zach’s conviction overturned and removed from the Sex Offender Registry but this experience has opened their eyes to the current problems within our justice system, legislative system and the punishment of naming and shaming. 

Until you or someone you know or love is directly affected by this madness you have no idea how bad it is. 

If other families and Registrants across America did what the Andersons have been doing we would see positive reform occurring in every state.  

If you don’t speak up and speak out then the status quo remains the same. Broken, cruel and punitive.

Sometimes the VERY worst thing ever can turn into a positive mission, that’s how I became an advocate on this polarizing platform. 

We all need time to sit on the “pity-pot” but are you going to spend the rest of your life on it or are you going to take your new knowledge and experience and do something positive with it? 

Mary Devoy

1- How a dating app hookup landed a teen on the sex offender registry, August 4, 2015
By Kyra Phillips and David Fitzpatrick

Zach Anderson is 19 and a typical teenager. He's into computers and wants to build a career around his love for electronics. 

But those plans and any semblance of a normal life are for now out the window. Under court order, he can't access the Internet, go to a mall or linger near a school or playground. His parents say because he has a 15-year-old brother, he can't even live at home any longer.