Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Connecticut Begins 2.5 Year Study of Their Sex Offender Laws and Registry, Come on Virginia Let’s Do the Same!

I recently wrote an editorial that Virginia needs to study the last 20 years of the VSP Sex Offender Registry and all the laws directed towards those listed on it. 

I just found the below article and Connecticut is doing just that and they aren’t rushing the study to meet a 6 or 9 month deadline, they are taking 2.5 years to do a thorough job. 

Come on Virginia, it’s time for us to take a serious look at the last 20 years of our Sex Offender Registry and all the restrictions and regulations that have been implemented since it’s creation. 

Mary Devoy

State Set To Review Policies, Laws Relating To Sex Offenders, August 4, 2015
By Daniela Altimari

HARTFORD — An independent panel is poised to begin a review of Connecticut's laws and policies relating to sex offenders, including evaluating the state's sex offender registry. 

The Connecticut Sentencing Commission's committee on sex offenders is scheduled to hold its first meeting Wednesday at the Legislative Office Building. 

The group, established by the General Assembly earlier this year, has plenty of time for a deep dive into the controversial and sensitive topic. A final report isn't due to state lawmakers until December 2017, although an interim assessment is due in February.