Wednesday, August 19, 2015

James Cantor of Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto: “This appears to be yet one more hysterical thing that somebody can think of doing because it tickles their moral exhibitionism,” he said About the Notion of Denying ED Treatment to Sex Offenders.

The “No Viagra for Sex Offenders” bandwagon (see Canadian article at the bottom) happened with the U.S. Congress back in 2010 for those of you who weren’t following RSO issues back then. I actually wrote and mailed a huge stack of letters to every U.S. Committee member (House and Senate) telling them to stay out of my bedroom! An action that I NEVER expected I’d ever have to do in my entire life, but there it was a bill to stop my spouse from accessing E.D. medication if he (we) ever needed it. Covering or not covering the cost (Medicaid or Medicare) of an E.D .prescription wasn’t what pissed me off, if was singling out Registered Sex Offenders for a medical condition that a prescription is available to fix and would be covered for anyone else. A past criminal conviction should NEVER have ANYTHING to do with the medical care, treatment options or if something is covered in America!  

In 2005 (before I became a volunteer advocate) Virginia Governor Mark Warner issued an emergency order barring Medicaid from continuing to cover Erectile Dysfunction medication for Virginia’s Registered Sex Offenders.