Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Jared Fogle (Subway Spokesman) Sex Abuse Case, Two Articles Worth Reading

There are a ton of articles on the Subway spokesman Jared Fogle’s plea from yesterday, most are condemning him some are asking why. 

I’m not going to get in the debate of his specific case or his plea deal. I am not taking a stand, I am not defending him.  

What I am going to do is post two articles (see below) that make very good sense and are based on facts and avoid the hate, the vengeance, the propaganda of sexual danger being everywhere or the glee that a celebrity has fallen and he has lost his wealth, family and freedom. 

You can read these two articles and come to your own conclusion. 

Mary Devoy

1- The Jared Fogle case: Why we understand so little about child sex abuse, August 20, 2015
By Sarah Kaplan

Reading the news that former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle will plead guilty to possessing hundreds of pornographic images of children and having sex with underage girls, it is hard not to be horrified.