Friday, August 28, 2015

Is the Virginia State Police (VSP) Forcing People Who Should Not Have to Register, to Register (as Sex Offenders) Under § 18.2-67.4?

An RSO who has been emailing me for years recently shared the best news ever! 

The Virginia State Police removed him from the VSP Sex Offender Registry website; he would no longer need to register as a Non-Violent Offender for a 2009 conviction, he received a letter stating this from the VSP after a long drawn out court petition. 

Now, you might be thinking 2009 to 2015 that’s NOT 15 years, the minimum time (per 2008 retroactive change by the VA Legislature) required for a Non-Violent Offender to register before a petition is allowed to be filed in court.  

You would be correct. 

You see this branded man should NEVER have been forced to register as a Non-Violent Sex Offender in the first place.