Sunday, August 30, 2015

Madison Iszler: The Big Lie Behind the Campus-Rape Crusade

The big lie behind the campus-rape crusade, August 27, 2015
By Madison Iszler

What happens when the statistical basis for a massive, nationwide legislative push crumbles into dust? Absolutely nothing, if the subject is sexual assault on campus. 

This year, more than half the states in the country considered legislation dealing with sexual assault on college campuses. California and New York enacted affirmative-consent policies, Connecticut and Virginia announced new laws intended to prevent sexual violence on campuses and last year President Obama created a task force designed to deal with what liberal political elites claimed was a startling rise in sexual assault. 

But the very studies these politicians relied on don’t say what they have claimed — yet the “yes means yes” juggernaut rolls on.

Toward Smart Justice Reform, By William Ruger (Charles Koch Institute) and Claire Guthrie Gastanaga (ACLU of Virginia)

Ruger and Gastanaga: Toward smart justice reform, August 30, 2015
By William Ruger and Claire Guthrie Gastanaga

The ACLU of Virginia and the Charles Koch Institute are working together to spur conversation about needed criminal justice reforms in Virginia - reforms that keep communities safe and hold lawbreakers accountable. 

We believe the Commonwealth's Commission on Parole Review, made up of a bipartisan group of legislators, law enforcement officials, and criminal justice experts, represents a unique opportunity to explore how the commonwealth can enhance public safety, cut costs and embrace human dignity by making smarter, more effective choices about how we deal with crime. 

The commission is responsible for investigating the impact of 1990s-era legal changes on public safety, the state's resources, and society at large. 

During its last meeting, on Thursday, the commission heard a presentation about why it should look beyond just the issue of parole and work toward reforms that would improve the lives of all Virginians.