Thursday, September 3, 2015

Did Aaron Berg Force His 18 Year Old Mormon Girlfriend Into Oral Sex, Threaten Her Life and Abduct Her OR......Was She Done With Their Secret Sexual Relationship and Needed an Out?


Henrico man pleads 'no contest' to abduction, sexual battery of woman he met on 'sugar daddy' site, February 10, 2016

Original Post:

I usually don’t post articles about ongoing criminal sexual cases in the Commonwealth. 

But the early information about this case caught my attention:
·       Police: Teen escapes car on I-95; Glen Allen man arrested for abduction, sex crime
·       ‘Just stay behind me’ Construction worker helps teen escape I-95 abduction
·       Dad’s text instructs teen to ‘grab wheel’ during alleged Henrico abduction

and now yesterdays article (below)  is even more interesting to me. Why? Because of the whole affirmative consent “yes means yes” environment that feminists, victims advocates and sexual and domestic groups are demanding. The burden falls on the male and the female doesn’t have to be clear in with any signals or words because the man is supposed to be a mind-reader and no matter what he’s the only one responsible for any sexual actions from beginning to end. 

She was 18 years old, not a juvenile but all the initial news headlines called her “a teen”.

She was in a consensual sexual relationship with Aaron Berg aged 23, she became pregnant then miscarried and she rejected his marriage proposal but her Mormon family knew NOTHING about Aaron or their relationship.

Aaron finds texts she has exchanged with other guys and they argue. 

THEN she claims he forced her to give him oral sex, threatened with harm and abducted so she texts her father she’s in danger he tells her to grab the wheel and escape, so she does. 

Is she a victim? Did Aaron Berg really abduct her, force her to give him oral sex or threaten to harm her? 

Or was she just done with this relationship and needed an out? After all her father (and family) didn’t even know Aaron was her boyfriend or that she was having sex.