Friday, September 4, 2015

Matthew T. Mangino: Supreme Court Perpetuates Sex Offender Myths

Matthew T. Mangino: Supreme Court perpetuates sex offender myths, September 4, 2015

Onerous sex offender registration laws have pulled together unlikely alliances. Victim advocates have begun standing up for sex offenders in litigation and legislative battles across the country.  

Chris Dornin, a former New Hampshire State House reporter, wrote in an article for Corrections Magazine detailing the efforts of Cleveland and Texas rape crisis centers toward dismantling Ohio’s residency restriction law. The crisis centers intervened on the side of the plaintiff, a sex offender challenging the law before the Ohio Supreme Court, as an ex post facto punishment. 

The centers argued, “More onerous sex offender registration and community notification laws threaten to harm the very people they are intended to protect and to undermine goals of community safety and treatment of offenders. These laws perpetuate myths and create a false sense of security.”