Sunday, September 6, 2015

Virginia Congressman Bobby Scott’s RTD Editorial on the Safe, Accountable, Fair and Effective (SAFE) Justice Reinvestment Act (HR2944) Sounds Like a Winner But He Fails to Say It Excludes RSO’s

Nice editorial (see below) by Congressman Scott……….BUT HR2944 EXCLUDES RSO’s, a fact that I raised to Congressman Scott when I spoke to him at the August 27 Virginia Parole Commission meeting in Richmond. Just like the long list (including but not limited to HR1854 , HR759 , S675 ,  HR1672 , S467) of other Federal Recidivism-Reduction, Successful Re-entry or Sentence Reduction Bills. NO Registered Sex Offenders (RSO’s), felony OR misdemeanor, juvenile OR adult! 

Per HR2944

                (1) the defendant— 

                (A) does not have a criminal history category higher than I after any downward departure under the sentencing guidelines; 

                (B) does not have— 

                (II) a sex offense (as defined in section 111 of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006); 

                b) Ineligibility and procedure 

                (3) A Federal sex offense, as described in section 111 of the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (42 U.S.C. 16911).
Why do we allow the continued prejudice, hate and vengeance to be applied to those listed on our public registries?  

They have paid their court-ordered debt to society just like any other former-offender. They have attended the court-ordered treatments; they have paid their court fines and restitution. They have completed or are still under Probation supervision and they continue to comply with the demands of the registry, otherwise they’d be wanted or in prison.
Americans....Virginians are allowed to openly hate them, to call them monsters, pedophiles, perverts and predators because they are supposedly the most heinous people amongst us. They don’t deserve a second-chance, they can not be rehabilitated, no penance will ever be enough and we must separate them, label them and demean them. That includes but is not limited to taking away their earned Veterans’ benefits, taking away HUD housing, taking away SNAP benefits (food stamps), taking away Small Business Loans and prohibiting Medicare from covering their erectile dysfunction medication, even if they are married.