Monday, September 7, 2015

Action Item: It’s Time that Virginia Removes the Employer Information From Public View

It’s Labor Day, not just the official end of summer but a holiday that recognizes labors fight for workers rights. 

Employment is a necessity, not a luxury. Without steady employment you can not secure housing, food, clothing, water to bathe with and heat to stay warm in the winter months. 

Securing employment with a felony conviction can be near impossible, but try it while listed on the VSP Sex Offender Registry for a felony or a misdemeanor.  

The Virginia State Police Sex Offender Registry lists the employer/company name, their full address and has a map to the location. 

Virginia is one of only 6 States that publicly posts an RSO’s employer & full address. 

29 states do not publicly post ANY employer information, 5 of those States are certified Federal Adam Walsh Act/SORNA compliant. 10 States post just the address, 8 of those are AWA compliant. 5 States post the city, county and/or zip code & 3 of those comply with AWA.  

In September 2013 Texas and in 2012 Kansas both removed ALL employment information from their public registries.