Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Did You Know That the Virginia State Police No Longer Gives a Copy/Receipt to RSO’s to Prove They Re-Registered Before Their Deadline?

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Since 2007, October in my house means..........it’s Re-Registration month. 

First there is waiting for the VSP certified letter (that an RSO must have to re-register) to be delivered via USPS:
  • Will we be home or out when they attempt delivery?
  • Will the USPS delivery person actually attempt delivery at the door or just leave a post card stating delivery was attempted when it wasn’t (like in 2009) and now the letter is sitting at the local post office and has to be picked up there?
  • Will the USPS worker allow me to sign for it (instead of the RSO who is at work, since we filed a letter at the local post office back in 2010 giving me permission) or will the USPS worker tell me that doesn’t matter and he has to sign for it?
  • Will there be enough days (letters are mailed-out by the VSP 10-12 days before they are due with no adjustments being made for weekends or holidays ) from receiving the letter until the due date to get to a VSP Barracks while they are open (Mon-Fri 8:30-4PM) without having to miss any work?
  • Will the letter get lost/misplaced by the USPS (like in 2010) and until the VSP contact the USPS at your request no one really bothers to look for it?

Take Action Today!

Back on October 8th I posted that I had attended a few meetings over the past few months but did not say with whom. I did say some Action Items could follow, one already was posted. 

Well today I’m going to a post two more based on what I was advised in a meeting with Virginia State Police last month.