Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Hateful Things College Students Say About the Innocent

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One of the blogs I check regularly is Community of Wrongly Accused. Now there have been some previous posts over at COWTA that I’ve shaken my head at and even sighed disappointedly, but there have been other posts that were spot-on and that’s why I weigh the good with the bad. 

I’m sure there are readers here that might say the same about my posts. 

Today COWTA’s post is a good one and I’ve decided it’s worth sharing here. 


The hateful things college students say about the innocent, October 27, 2015

"We would rather see an innocent bystander injured, maimed, or killed in a high-speed police chase than see someone get away after a lawful police stop."

I would be shocked if any self-respecting newspaper editorial board would write anything so unbalanced and so cavalierly dismissive of the innocent. That's because respect for innocent life is deeply-ingrained in the American psyche.

Except when it comes to one class of innocents.