Friday, October 30, 2015

Scott Daugherty: How Dangerous are Sex Offenders on Halloween? ......OR....... Police to Keep Close Eye on Sex Offenders at Halloween ......OR....... Officers to keep close eye on sex offenders at Halloween

WHY DID the Article Title AND Link Change 7 hours AFTER posting on V.P.'s website? 

                2nd Title and link: Police to keep close eye on sex offenders at Halloween

                3rd Title and link: Officers to keep close eye on sex offenders at Halloween

The first title (below) fit the subject of the article; the second/third indulges the unfounded fears of parents and the myth-based VA-DOC Halloween program. 
Well, at least the print (paper) version of the article had the better title!


Original Title:
How dangerous are sex offenders on Halloween? October 30, 2015
By Scott Daugherty
State and federal probation agents plan to keep a close eye this Halloween on registered sex offenders - at least those still under their supervision. 

Some sex offenders living in Chesapeake, Hampton and Newport News will have to attend special meetings during prime trick-or-treating hours. Under threat of jail, others must stay indoors with their front porch lights dark while local and state police conduct random visits. 

Virginia Department of Corrections officials cast the initiative - now in its 15th year - as a way to protect children from possible sexual abuse. A spokeswoman for the U.S. probation office said it's meant to "reduce risk to the children of the community on Halloween night." 

Advocates for reforming the nation's laws governing sex offenders, however, decry the special meetings and home visits as a waste of resources. They cite a 2009 academic study to claim there is no evidence children are more at risk of being molested by a stranger on Halloween than on any other night.