Sunday, November 15, 2015

From 2011 to 2015 What’s Changed in the Virginia Department of Corrections Annual Report?

A few days back I posted the links to 5 years of VA-DOC Annual Reports. 

Today I read through the 5 years of reports and found some interesting comparisons when I created the above chart.  

Like in 2013 the VA-DOC stopped tracking/publicizing the recidivism rate of “Sex Offenders”  and the number of absconder “Sex Offenders” . But they started counting the number of GPS units on “Sex Offenders”.  

Also when the VCBR (SVP Civil Commitment Facility) was reaching capacity and double-bunking had to be implemented because no Legislator wanted to build a second facility ($$$$$$$) it looks like the “release-rate” of SVP’s went up significantly. 

Another interesting drop is the number of VA-DOC contracts/vendors for Sex Offender Assessment/Treatment. 


19 Harvard Law Professors Write Letter Against the Campus Sexual Assault Documentary “The Hunting Ground” Scheduled to air November 19th on CNN.... Saying “It’s Not a Documentary. It’s Propaganda.”

Professors Dispute Depiction of Harvard Case in Rape Documentary, November 13, 2015
By Cara Buckley

The veracity of one of this year’s most talked about documentaries, “The Hunting Ground,” has been attacked by 19 Harvard Law School professors, who say the film’s portrayal of rape on college campus is distorted, specifically when it comes to their school’s handling of one particular case.