Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Reminder (and an Action Item if You Run Into an Issue) of VSP Barracks and Hotline Hours During the 2015 Holiday Season: Registering, Re-Registering, Updating Your Data, Updating Your Photograph or Making an Inquiry as an RSO in Virginia Between Christmas and News Years Day

Back on July 9, 2015 I posted about the Virginia State Police (VSP) website, VSP Barracks hours of operation, VSP S.O. Helpline hours of operation and VSP observed holidays. 

The VSP website does not post VSP Barracks hours of operation or observed holidays. The VSP Barracks doors or main desk do not post hours of operation or observed holidays. The VSP website also does not post the phone number 804-674-2825 OR the hours of operation for the VSP Sex Offender Help Desk (Hotline). Despite my multiple requests directly to the VSP to add this crucial information to their website and locations. 

Leaving Virginia’s RSO’s to “guess” correctly or incorrectly under the threat of a felony. 

Last year I heard from an RSO who attempted to update a change in vehicle registration the previous year right before the Christmas and New Years holidays. He was advised by the Virginia State Police (VSP) who is the monitor and manager of the Virginia Sex Offender Registry and our RSO’s that from December 23 to the 31st no VSP location would be able to take his change in information and he should come back in January. 

Well in Virginia because there is NO electronic system our RSO’s MUST register ANY change of information in-person (if they move or become homeless, if they change their name, if they lose or start a  job part-time or full-time, if they enroll or un-enroll in school part-time or full-time, if they add or delete a phone number or if they buy or sell a vehicle) within 3 days (not 3 business days) or within 30 minutes (if they add or delete an email address, an instant messenger identifier or a chat identifier) per Virginia law.