Friday, December 25, 2015

Pope Francis' 2015 Christmas Eve Homily

Since beginning this blog in July 2013 I have posted Pope Francis’ New Year's messages and his Christmas & Easter homily’s for us all to take a brief break from these issues that are not just "political" but are a big part of all of our day-to-day lives and I hope for brief a moment you'll take time to reflect on something positive and peaceful. 

Merry Christmas everyone! 

Mary Davye Devoy 

The following is the Vatican's official English translation of Pope Francis' Christmas Eve Mass homily, which he delivered in Italian.

"Tonight 'a great light' shines forth (Is 9:1); the light of Jesus' birth shines all about us. How true and timely are the words of the prophet Isaiah which we have just heard: 'You have brought abundant joy and great rejoicing' (9:2)! Our heart was already joyful in awaiting this moment; now that joy abounds and overflows, for the promise has been at last fulfilled. Joy and gladness are a sure sign that the message contained in the mystery of this night is truly from God.  

There is no room for doubt; let us leave that to the skeptics who, by looking to reason alone, never find the truth. There is no room for the indifference which reigns in the hearts of those unable to love for fear of losing something. All sadness has been banished, for the Child Jesus brings true comfort to every heart.