Saturday, December 26, 2015

HB177 Patroned by Delegate Dave Albo: Adds Crimes Against Nature to an “Animal” AND to a Child by a Parent, Grandparent, Sibling, Step-Parent OR Step-Grandparent as Registrable Offenses in Virginia…. Retroactively!

2016 Virginia General Assembly "Do Over":
Convictions from 2005, maybe even 1995 would NOW require public registration as a Sex Offender!

The longer I contemplate this proposal the more I’m questioning it. 

In 2005 Delegate Albo co-patroned HB2564 which added step-parents and step-grandparents to the Crimes Against Nature statute, but HB2564 did NOT require public registration as a Violent Sex Offender, why?  

The VSP Sex Offender Registry is supposed to alert the public to people with sexual convictions against other people as an administrative act, not a punitive one. 

How does adding people who have sexually assaulted animals (Bestiality) fit into that reasoning? 

In my opinion it doesn’t and in fact HB177 bloats an already water-downed VSP Registry that the public can not currently decipher who has been swept up by one-size-fits-all legislation and those who actually pose a threat to our citizens.

How does prohibiting a person convicted of animal abuse from loitering near a school or a daycare make any sense? Or demanding they update their email address within 30 minutes or their employer information within 3 days or face a felony? How does having the VSP visit their home twice a year and take their photo every two years make us safer? It doesn’t. 

If Virginia wants to create a separate VSP Animal Abuser Registry then people convicted of this offense could be placed on that list. But they do not belong on the VSP Sex Offender Registry and they should not be mandated under threat of a new felony to comply with the ever changing list of restrictions and regulations for our RSO’s. 

I know some readers think the more people added to public Registries will finally creating the tipping point for the Courts to rule them unconstitutional, so why not pile on more crimes and more people. But that’s flawed thinking; more ruined lives for people who have already paid their court-ordered debt to society being subjected to suffer the same fate you’re facing is wrong. That approach is almost crueler than our States thinking towards RSO’s. 

I have previously opposed additional Virginia Registries and if an Animal Abuser Registry comes up yet again, I will most likely oppose it based on facts. Until the success and efficacy of the 20-year old VSP Sex Offender Registry is fully studied by a Special Taskforce/Commission for longer than 6 months…..NO additional crimes should be added to the VSP Registry, no new restrictions/mandates should be proposed for our RSO’s and nothing that carries a Felony charge should EVER be retroactively applied to an RSO or any other former-offender!

So……… it appears I may have to stand in opposition to a Bill that I’m sure the patron will coin “The Bestiality Bill”, but I will oppose the points that need to be removed or amended even if it’s difficult, because it’s the right thing to do. 

Mary Devoy

Original Post:

HB177 patroned by Delegate Dave Albo posted today. 

At the moment I am NOT calling this an “Action Item”, I want to follow any press, co-patrons or companion bills for this proposal plus and additional bills Delegate Albo files that may be part of a larger plan, first.