Thursday, January 28, 2016

Action Item Against Virginia Senator Dick Blacks SB666 Passed the Senate Transportation Committee Yesterday and is Even Worse Now!

Deny those RSO's Everything!

Yesterday  SB666 passed the Senate Transportation Committee 12-0 even though a few members weren’t in the hearing when the discussion was held on the bill.  

Not only did the Bill pass but it was expanded to include numerous specialty license plates (too many to even provide a complete list of during the Committee) AND to give the DMV discretion to analyze and reject any combination of letters and numbers for an RSO’s vehicle that the DMV believes could have anything to do with children. 

As of today SB666 is on the “uncontested list” (no one voted against it) and it will arrive to the Senate Chamber in a Block Vote where NO discussion or debate will be held and SB666 deserves serious discussion. 

SB666 needs to be removed from the block vote and to do that I need you to contact Senators asking them to debate the merits of this Bill on the floor of the Senate.  

Please Email every Virginia Senator (see below list) TODAY! 

First ask them to remove it from the Block Vote so it can be discussed. 

Second tell them why this Bill should NOT be passed, to vote "Nay"!

So where did SB666 come from? 

Rob Buswell (of last years “Robby’s Rule”) asked for this proposal because his abuser currently has the Virginia Family and Children's Trust Fund- Kid's First license plate. 

We can understand Rob Buswell's anger but this Bill have nothing to do with public safety. As with Robby's Rule, Mr. Buswell is using Virginia Legislators as his personal foot-soldiers against his abuser in his continuing unhealthy obsession to destroy, manage and control him.  

Virginia Legislators should never propose laws that are based on a personal vendetta and that's exactly what this Bill is. 

Has there been a problem with Registered Sex Offenders using these plates in order to approach children?

FOIA Data: 

                Per a FOIA Mary Devoy submitted with the Virginia DMV.
                As of December 31, 2015:
        1.       Virginia Kid’s First License Plates
·         There were 8,788 active plates
·         5 are registered to VSP Sex Offenders
·         Out of those 5, 4 are co-owned by someone who is NOT a Sex Offender 
        2.      Virginia Child Trust Heart License Plates
·         6,038 active plates
·         4 are registered to VSP Sex Offenders
·         Out of those 4, 1 is a co-owner vehicle that are NOT VSP Sex Offenders 
        3.      Virginia Child Trust Hand License Plates
·         357 active plates
·         1 is registered to VSP Sex Offenders
·         It is co-owned  
        4.      Virginia Child Trust Star License Plates
·         186 active plates
·         0 are registered to VSP Sex Offenders    

                In summary:
        ·         15,369 Total License Plates
        ·         10 are registered to VSP Sex Offenders
        ·         Of those 10, 6 are co-owned

A Registered Sex Offender might be a vehicle owner but their spouse, parents or teenage children may drive them the majority of the time. 

 The January 28th SB666 Amendment 

I.        SB666 that applies to anyone listed on the VSP Sex Offender Registry was expanded to includeANY specialty license plate that including any logo, emblem, seal, or symbol therein, references children or children's programs or if any revenue-sharing provision authorized for such special license plates contributes, directly or indirectly, to any fund or program established for the benefit of children.
                                That would include but not be limited to:
1.       All 4 Family and Children’s Trust Fund plates
2.      Autism Awareness plate
3.      Curing Childhood Cancer plate 

II.     ANY specifically requested numbers or letters or combinations thereof could be read, interpreted, or understood to be a reference to children. The DMV is given the discretion to analyze and reject any combination submitted.

A Vanity Plate is NOT a government certification that the driver is an endorsed representative. The owner pays an additional cost to show their support, this is a form of Freedom of Speech. 

Is ANY other group of Virginians prohibited from obtaining a Vanity Plate? No. 

Is ANY other group of Virginians prohibited from supporting a charity organization? No. 

Next year will there be a proposal for anyone convicted of Animal Abuse being prohibited from owning a Virginia “Animal Friendly” Plate? If there isn’t then I’d say the Commonwealth is purposefully targeting only one group of former-offenders and that could be a problem for SB666 being upheld as Constitutional. 

The Senate Transportation Committee refused to see this as a Freedom of Speech issue on January 27th. 

The Committee also ignored that this is NOT an administrative act but a punitive one for those listed on the VSP Sex Offender Registry. 

By banning ONLY Registered Sex Offenders from supporting charity’s of their choice and displaying the DMV offered license plates on their vehicle the Commonwealth is saying that RSO’s aren’t worthy of supporting charities. 

But what about their spouses, parents and driving-aged children? This proposed law restricts them and they are NOT listed on the VSP Registry. 

By the way SB66 isn’t the ONLY issue there are two versions rolling through the Virginia House of Delegates simultaneously they are HB305 and HB1190 and I expect them to be amended to be identical to SB666.

Please email the below Senators and ask them to remove SB666 from the Uncontested Block, then ask them to vote “No” on SB666. 

I’m going to tell all readers right now stopping the House versions in the House will be almost impossible but stopping SB666 in the Senate before the final vote could be a possibility. If SB666 fails in the Senate then the two House Bills even if they pass through the House would most likely fail in the Senate too. But if SB666 does pass the Senate so will any amended House versions.

So we must focus our efforts on Virginia’s 40 Senators. 

On a side note, as of yesterday I have decided if any of these 3 Bills passes the Virginia Legislature to be signed by Governor McAuliffe into law I plan to go to the DMV before then and buy one of the Virginia Children Charity Specialty Plates for my vehicle. Then when the Virginia DMV tells me that because I have a co-owner that is also an RSO, I will fight this hateful law which was supposed to be directed at ALL RSO's but in fact, impacts non-RSO's. 

This is the final-straw of mission-creep under the guise of protecting-the-children, for me personally. 

            “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”- Martin Luther King, Jr. 

It starts with the Registered Sex Offenders, but then it sweeps up their family members, room-mates, significant others, employers and employees. These 3 Bills go too far and I believe they violate MY rights and I will take this to court if it becomes law in Virginia, I have had enough of this hate, prejudice and suppression. 

But if we can stop them from becoming law in the first place that would be best on my personal finances so please take action today! 

 Mary Davye Devoy

Virginia’s 40 Senators