Monday, January 25, 2016

Restoring Integrity to the Virginia Sex Offender Registry Blog Reaches 140,000 Page Views

Back on August 5th 2015 I posted that this blog had reached 100,000 page views a feat that took 766 days to achieve for an average of 130 views per day. 

Well I’m thrilled to point out to readers today that we’ve reached 140,000 page views, that’s an additional 40,000 hits in just 173 days which works out to be an average of 231 views per day that’s a 77.69% increase in daily views in the last 5.75 months.

I truly appreciate everyone’s interest and involvement in this platform. 

Thank you all for following my advocacy, for taking action against hateful legislation and for staying current on the latest research and reading materials. 

Way too often I wonder…..Why am I still doing this…..does anyone care……is anyone taking action when I ask them to…….and the counter for the page views is my gauge that ya’ll do care. 

For those of you who have stepped out of the shadows in the last year making your voice heard to Virginia and Federal Legislators I am extremely grateful for your courage, strength and involvement. Without your emails and phone calls to lawmakers I most likely would have given up on this venture a few years back. But because I hear directly from Legislators (usually in private) that they are listening not only to me, but to you….. even if they don’t say so in public, that gives me motivation to keep plowing forward, because one day they may finally find their courage to speak out too. 

Now onto 200,000 page views! 

Mary Davye Devoy