Monday, February 1, 2016

2015 Total Cost for the Virginia State Police Registry and Managing Our RSO’s was $8.4 Million

How much does the Virginia State Police (VSP) spend on the Virginia Sex Offender Registry, all the Re-registrations, 2 Home Visits, Employment Verifications and Certified Letters each year? 

Well today I received the latest numbers, see below. 

The Virginia State Police (VSP) supervises/manages our RSO’s who are NOT:
  1. Incarcerated (approximately 40% of our Total)
  2. Under VA-DOC Probation supervision (approximately 20% of our Total)
That leaves approximately 40% that are no longer under VA-DOC Probation and are ONLY managed by the VSP.

BUT, I did learn a few weeks ago that the VSP DOES mail out the certified re-registration letters to our RSO’s who are under VA-DOC Probation supervision and they DO take re-registration updates and data changes from our Probation RSO’s and then enter that data into the VSP Registry. So for those RSO’s under VA-DOC Probation supervision the State of Virginia has 2 separate Departments spending time and money on the same RSO, the VA-DOC AND the VSP. 

So in the end the VSP is spending time and money on approximately 60% of the total BUT the 40% under VA-DOC Probation do NOT have a VSP Compliance Officer assigned to them AND they do NOT receive two VSP residential visits per year.

Officially the VSP claims to only manage/monitor 40% of our RSO’s.

Mary Devoy