Monday, March 14, 2016

Please Contribute to Court Challenge Against Virginia SB666 and HB1190 From Becoming Law

Back on March 2nd I announced that I would be taking contributions to help cover the high costs of a court challenge to stop SB666/HB1190 from becoming law in Virginia. 

In that post (see link above) you can read all about this new law, the history of it passing through the 2016 Virginia Legislature, why this challenge is needed, what a win could mean for future challenges and how you can help. 

Since then I have contacted approximately 2 Civil Rights groups, 8 Private Attorneys, a few Constitutional Law Professors, a former Federal Judiciary Committee Advisor and a Fellow/Adjunct Scholar/Writer about representation for my challenge.  

I believe I have now found my attorney/law firm and I will be meeting with them in the next 2 weeks. 

Now comes the difficult part, asking you for a contribution. 

Since November 2012 when the RSOL-VA folded I have not asked for any contributions, I have carried the costs of 4 Virginia General Assemblies, numerous Governors Task Force meetings, Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission meetings, Virginia Crime Commissions meetings, FOIA meetings and trips (across the state) to meet with Virginia Delegates and Senators to discuss legislation sponsorship which include gas, parking fees, dry cleaning, food and wear and tear on my vehicle. Plus the costs of brochures, business cards, printing handouts, buying reading materials to stay current and FOIA submission fees. 

I have taken on this roll as a volunteer advocate to reform the Virginia Sex Offender Registry and laws which automatically includes a financial burden. 

But a legal challenge is very different, it could be very, very costly and while I’m prepared to take on this additional financial burden I could really use your help.  

For the last 4 Virginia General Assemblies I've fought against myth-based, fear-monger and hateful legislation most of which did not affect my family. Sometimes I was successful and sometimes I wasn’t but I returned the next year, and the next year to oppose these punitive laws many of which violate your rights or your loved ones rights.....AND making any attempt to be a successful member of society down-right impossible. All without any financial assistance.

It’s tax season, many of you may owe taxes in a month but many of you will be receiving a refund. 

I am asking that you please, please consider a contribution of $50, $100, $150 or if you can $200 to help me challenge SB666/HB1190 from becoming law in Virginia. 

If you are not in a position to make a contribution but you want to help me raise funds, please share this post with family and friends. At the bottom of this post you’ll see a row of icons you can email it, share it on Twitter, Facebook and Pintrest or you can recommend it on Google+. 

To make a contribution to the legal fund: 
  1. You can send a donation through PaylPal at this link: to my email address remember my PayPal fee will be 2.9% + $0.30 per every donation sent.
  2. Because I am NOT a non-profit and I am NOT a business I can NOT add a PayPal button to this website, I can not offer automatic monthly donations and your contribution can not be tax deductible, I’m sorry I wish I could offer all of these options to you. 
  3. You can send a check or money order first email me and I will then send you my mailing address. It’s not worth the money or the time to rent a PO Box.
Whatever you can give would be very much appreciated and it will only go towards the cost of the court challenge. 

For 8 years I have advocated for data-driven reform of our Registry and our laws and I will continue to be your voice no matter how the Virginia Legislators and Administration respond. But this years willful ignorance by the Legislature and the Administration towards the collateral consequences and real meaning of SB666/HB1190 was the last straw, it’s time we challenge a law that was passed with lies and fear (see March 2nd link above) for a non-existent problem, but that looks really good on the Patrons websites and campaign materials. Legislation without integrity hurts everyone. 

I hope you will support this fight with a contribution and/or by spreading the word.  

Thank you very much! 

Mary Davye Devoy