Thursday, March 24, 2016

Reminder: I Could Use Your Help with the Court Costs to Challenge Virginia SB666/HB1190 from Becoming Law on July 1st either with a Contribution or Sharing Past Posts with Family and Friends

Dear Readers, 

I have received a few contributions in the last 3 weeks for the lawyers fees to challenge SB666/HB1190 in court and I’d like to thank those of you who have made a donation. 

But for a website that receives 5,000-8,000 page views every month I’m a bit surprised by the very low response rate to my request for assistance. 

I don’t like asking for financial contributions, believe me. If I could do this alone I would but I can’t. 

If you plan on contributing to the cause in a month or maybe in a few months I would be very grateful. 

Please share the below post(s) with friends and family members who believe Registry Reform is needed in Virginia. At the bottom of each post there are icons to share the post on Facebook and Twitter, if you are a member of either of those sites, please share the posts. 

Thank you for your support! 

Mary Devoy 

March 14th Post:
Please Contribute to Court Challenge Against Virginia SB666 and HB1190 From Becoming 

March 2ndPost:
Virginia Governor Has Signed SB666 into Law, So I Am Now Taking Donations to Challenge This “Dumb” and Unconstitutional Law in Court 

March 1stPost:
Will Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe Sign SB666 into Law Before Tonight’s Midnight Deadline? I Don’t See Why He Wouldn’t So I’m Ready to Challenge it in Court With My New License Plate!