Friday, April 29, 2016

Galen Baughman: National Advocate for Sex Offender Registry Reform is Arrested AGAIN!

I believe in being as truthful and as transparent as possible so many of you may not like this post, but I feel I need to write it so no one claims I ever defended or promoted a Sexual Predator.  

An advocate who has recently become a public-figure for Registry Reform has made the last 8 years of my advocacy in the Commonwealth look foolish and possibly has done extreme damage to the cause I’ve worked so hard for and I’m not going to defend him or ignore his recent actions. That’s what hypocrites do, and I am not a hypocrite.  

I believe in second chances and I believe in forgiveness for past mistakes but I will NOT defend a person who obviously has a serous problem and who needs to face the consequences of their repeated criminal actions.  

I have previously posted a TED X Talk and many articles about Galen Baughman who avoided civil commitment as an SVP in Virginia and became a vocal advocate against SVP civil commitment and public Registries even though he would never attend the Virginia General Assembly sessions and told me I was wasting my time opposing “trash-legislation” in Richmond 

He and I did not agree on many, many points but we both wanted reform of America’s Sex Offender Registries so I posted links that included reference to his advocacy.  

Last week on April 19th I received an email from National CURE that Galen Baughman had been arrested for a “Technical Probation Violation”, that his bail hearing was around the corner and that anyone who wanted to write a reference in support of him should send one.  

I immediately wrote back to the sender of this email notice and I said,
“Out of serious concerns of what I was witnessing I warned Galen years ago about his online usage and his traveling from state to state while on Probation. He was extremely arrogant telling me he takes all necessary precautions and knows what the RSO Laws AND Rules of Probation are and I should mind my own business. As an RSO with 2 separate sexual convictions against two separate minors AND who was almost civilly committed as an SVP Galen needed to take extra precautions not to mess up and he had the attitude that he was invincible. 

Do you know what the actual Probation violation he has been charged with?”   

I received a reply “that the specific charge was not known”. I seriously question this answer but didn’t want to be pessimistic.  

Then on the 27th I received another mass email update “The judge did not give Galen his freedom and his trial is set for July 21. Rough day! He had about 35 people there”  

I again asked the sender, “what was the technical violation”? I never received a reply. So my suspicions grew. 

If  it were truly a “technical violation” than bail would most likely be granted and if a technical violation at the bail-hearing the specifics would have been given so that could have been included in the mass-email that had previously asked supporters to assist Galen get released. 

So I waited... expecting something to pop-up in the news about it..... and about 30 minutes ago I found this: 
The Imperfect Victim, April 29, 2016
Galen Baughman seemed like an ideal spokesman for sex offenders’ civil rights. Then he got arrested for texting a teenage boy.
By Leon Neyfakh

There is no excuse, no reason, no anything acceptable for what Galen has done. 

I will not defend him, I will not support him and I will NEVER post anything about him on the blog again.  

He was arrogant, he's a narcissist, he believed he was invincible and he is in desperate need of Sex Offender Treatment and Incarceration…..and anyone who says otherwise shouldn’t follow my blog or my advocacy anymore.

His decisions, his behavior and his actions have NOT just affected the 16 year old in Minnesota and the reform efforts of Sex Offender laws in America,....but I'd say his actions have done the most damage here in Virginia......where he was originally convicted and in the State that the AG's Office wanted to civilly commitment him as a Sexually Violent Predator (SVP). Now they are going to dig in their heels on harsher laws, longer sentences and more SVP commitments!

I am also extremely upset with the misleading email that I received from National CURE back on the 19th of April calling it a “technical violation” when it was in no way that. I was lied to and so were the other folks in that email chain and luckily I had previous experiences with Galen to know I needed to wait for it to play out a bit more before taking a side or believing what I was being told. 

Now Registry Reform Advocates across the country will suffer the repercussions of Galen's actions and our platform hasn’t just lost a few steps forward............we’ve lost many, many miles.  

Mary Davye Devoy