Monday, April 25, 2016

I’m on Twitter ! #ItsTimetoRestoreIntergritytotheVirigniaSexOffenderRegistry

I have fought the urge to join social media for many years. 

I still refuse to join Facebook due to their blanket-ban of ALL Registered Sex Offenders with NO process to appeal the ban AND because Facebook encourages other members to report any suspected RSO’s pages so they can be shut-down immediately. 

But today I opened a Twitter account so that I can keep up with news outlets, Sex Offender therapists, Registry researchers, Victim’s Advocates and Virginia Legislators. 

I figured the 140-character limit on Twitter would keep me and others in check. 

Don’t look for me on any other social media sites, I won’t be there. Just like I’ve never taken a “Selfie” and I have no plans of taking one in the near future. 

I will not be “Tweeting” every blog post or news article, I will be using it mainly to stay current with those people/groups that I’m following. 

I’ve added the button near the top of the Home page of this blog and if you’re on Twitter come visit me at  if you're not on Twitter, I understand.


Mary Davye Devoy