Saturday, April 23, 2016

Please Help with Legal Fees Towards Possible Injunction and Court Challenge Against Virginia SB666/HB1190 from Becoming Law on July 1st 2016


Original Post:

It has been one month since I last posted about contributions to a possible legal challenge against a Virginia law that takes effect on July 1st. 

Since that post my husband and I drove to Northern Virginia to meet with a very good attorney and while we left the meeting a bit stunned and disappointed all hope was not dashed. 

Since that meeting we have paid the law firm to research our legal options, we’ve also had a conference call that went rather well and more research is being done as we speak. 

I hope to have answer on if a court challenge beginning with an injunction will or will not happen a month before the July 1st start date. 

None of this pre-work is free, nor is it cheap. 

Back in March I received a few contributions for the legal fund and I am so appreciative to those who have given but what has been donated and what we’ve already spent on legal fees for research are two very different numbers. The contributions received to-date is about 29% of what we’ve already paid the attorney. 

There have been zero donations in April but yet this site received 6,624 page views in the last 30 days. My advocacy and the time I spend are obviously important to those of you who continually check this site. 

I don’t like asking for financial contributions, but I really need some assistance in this possible legal challenge. 

Please consider sending a $25, $50  or $75 contribution in the next month to help even up the difference on what has already been spent with the attorney. 

Until we know if an injunction and challenge is a viable option I’m not asking for large donations yet but if we go through with this challenge we’re talking tens of thousands of dollars. 

If you can’t afford a contribution but want to help please share this post or the previous posts , and about the two Bills we are talking about for the court challenge with friends and family members who believe Registry Reform is needed in Virginia. At the bottom of each post there are icons to share the post detail on Facebook and Twitter, if you are a member of either of those sites, please share this information.

Once I have new information that can be shared about the injunction I will be sure to share it. 

Thank you for your support! 

Mary Devoy

To send a contribution: 

  1. You can send a donation through PaylPal at this link:   to my email address   …….remember my PayPal fee is 2.9% + $0.30 per every donation sent. 
Because I am NOT a non-profit and I am NOT a business I can NOT add a PayPal button to this website and I can NOT offer automatic monthly donations, I’m sorry I wish I could.  

  1. You can send a check or money order donation, just email me and then I will send you my mailing address, I’ve decided not to post it and it’s not worth the money or time to rent a PO Box.