Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Can RSO’s Legally Attend Church in Virginia? The Virginia Attorney General’s Office Has Refused/Declined to Answer The Question Even Though They are The Legal Advisor of Virginia’s Laws

Remember the AG Opinion submitted last August to determine if Virginia’s 22,500+ Registered Sex Offenders (RSO’s) can OR can not attend church if there is a daycare and/or school on the property? 

The two Virginia statutes in question in this matter are:
§ 18.2-370.5. - Sex offenses prohibiting entry onto school or other property
§ 18.2-370.2. - Sex offenses prohibiting proximity to children on School and Daycare Property 

Well I learned late yesterday that the Virginia Attorney General’s Office has declined/ignored the AG Opinion submission…….an option that they are allowed to do AND they don’t have to put their reason for denying/ignoring it in writing.  

The Virginia State Police (the authority in charge of monitoring and managing our RSO’s) won’t answer the question……. is it a felony for an RSO to attend church if there is a daycare and/or school on the property? 

Multiple Virginia Delegates and Senators over the last 8 years who are also attorneys won’t answer the question……and now we know the Virginia Attorney General’s Office won’t either? 

The Virginia Legislators wrote the two statutes above, did they intend to prohibit RSO’s from worshipping or not? 

The State Police enforces the two statutes above, will they arrest an RSO for attending church or not? 

And the Virginia Attorney General is the legal advisor of our laws with the responsibility to interpret existing law for law enforcement and our Commonwealths’ Attorneys (Prosecutors) and they refuse to state if an RSO attending church is  a violation of Virginia law or not. WHY? 

There is also no public record of the original submission or the refusal by the AG’s Office. 

Transparency? Open Government? Not in Virginia! 

Virginia has 2 laws on their books that not only….could be denying some of our citizens their freedom to worship but could result in a felony conviction, that’s a problem 

Everyone who has the ability to answer this question has willfully ignored it, that’s a problem. 

Please contact:
  1. The Virginia AG’s Office, ask them to do their job and answer the August 18, 2015 AG Opinion submission, Can RSO’s worship if there is a daycare and/or school on the property?.
  2. The Virginia ACLU and ask them to step in with their resources to find out if Virginia’s RSO’s can legally worship (or not) in Virginia.
  3. Your one Virginia Delegate and one Senator and ask them to patron legislation at the next 2017 Virginia General Assembly session adding text to the two Virginia statutes in question with an exemption for all places of worship.
Mary Devoy