Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Virginia State Police, Virginia Delegates and Senators and the Virginia Governor and Secretary of Public Safety All Know that VSP Re-Registration Letters Aren’t Being Delivered and Yet They Do Nothing to Fix the Problem and Virginia RSO’s are Being Convicted of Failures-to-Register

Dear Virginia Delegates and Senators, 

For 8 years I've made you aware of the Virginia State Police certified re-registration letters not arriving at all, arriving with less than a day to comply or arriving too late....... in fact my latest email about these problems was sent to you on 04/23/16 (it’s below). 

I've also advised you (many times) that the VSP REMOVED the next re-registration due date for our RSO's from the VSP website years ago for no reason making it impossible for our RSO's to know when to expect their next letter. 

And last autumn (I learned) the VSP stopped giving our RSO's a copy of the completed re-registration form when they go to a VSP Barracks, so they no longer have a receipt to prove they re-registered on time. 

You know these issues exist, the VSP knows these issues exist and yet those who have the ability to fix these problems have failed to take ANY action. 

And now today, this......
No Excuse for Late Sex Offender Reregistration, May 4, 2016 By Deborah Elkins
Although defendant had reregistered as a sex offender every 90 days for the last 15 years, and testified that he was late two weeks in reregistering because he had not received his letter for reregistration from the Virginia State Police, the Court of Ap­peals affirms his conviction for knowingly failing to timely reregister. While Va. ... 

I am furious beyond words. I have been raising this issue to ALL of  you, to the Virginia State Police and to two Administrations for 7-8 years and ALL OF YOU have willfully ignored me and the problems which has resulted in countless RSO's be charged and convicted for failures-to-register when the circumstances that lead to the failure was 100% out of their control. 

The current system for re-registration in Virginia is intentionally failing our RSO's and you know it and still you do nothing.
Mary Davye Devoy 

------ Message ------
From: "Mary Davye Devoy"
Sent: 4/23/2016 9:16:51 AM
Subject: The Latest Example of VSP RSO Data Typos and USPS Failures with RSO Re-Registration Letters 

Dear Virginia Delegates, Senators and Administration Members, 

Good morning. 

For the last 7-8 years I have been emailing you (my most recent email’s dated 12/30/15, 11/11/15 and 10/20/15)  examples of:
  1. The Virginia State Police USPS certified letters not being delivered on purpose by USPS employees
  2. The Virginia State Police USPS certified letters being lost or misplaced at the local Post Offices
  3. The Virginia State Police USPS certified letters extremely high postage cost per year (2015- $584,333.00)
  4. The Virginia State Police USPS certified letters arriving with less than 2 days to meet the deadline or the deadline falling on a weekend or holiday so the recipient is unable to meet the deadline and will be facing a felony
  5. Why Virginia should switch to a rotating re-registration system like Michigan
  6. Why Virginia needs to electronically enter all re-registrations and data changes instead of hand written forms on carbon paper that are sent to Midlothian to be hand-entered into the database by a second person…. which as of late-2015 the VSP no longer gives our RSO’s a copy as a receipt to prove they made the update/change OR that they re-registered on time.  
Not to mention all the email’s I’ve sent you with examples of the Virginia State Police (VSP) giving inaccurate, conflicting and reckless information or directions to Virginia’s RSO’s, their website not having hours, holidays or PDF’s of forms and they removed critical information (the next re-registration due date) from every RSO’s online posting years ago. 

A recent synopsis of VSP RSO USPS certified letter issues can be found here: 

Well, this morning I received the below email from a Non-Violent RSO, his VSP certified letter for March 2016 couldn’t be located at his Post Office because the VSP had a typographical error from the last update this man made with the VSP. Probably because all VSP data changes are written by hand by the VSP on carbon paper and then read and entered by hand by a second VSP employee after it’s traveled through the VSP inter-office mail system. 

He is now facing a new felony because of a VSP typographical error that he has no control over, a VSP mail back-log and because of an incompetent USPS certified letter filing system, NOT because he failed to update his change of address or because he failed to re-register on time. 

If sending this email to VSP Leadership would result in positive changes in the current system, then I would send it to them. But I quickly learned last October when I notified the VSP of multiple RSO issues and examples instead of correcting the pattern that lead to the problem the VSP was more concerned with locating the specific RSO to advise them they were confused or incorrect or in some cases they shouldn’t be contacting me.   

So I have no choice but to advise the 139 Virginia Legislators of the continuing failures within our current RSO system hoping at some point one of you will patron legislation proposing new and more efficient processes including eliminating these USPS letters and moving Virginia towards an electronic re-registration system so that VSP typos and mis-readings of other peoples handwriting plus mail “back-logs” will no longer result in RSO’s facing arbitrary charges that cost our RSO’s bail, attorney’s fees and many times the loss of housing and employment.

Good morning Mary. 

I was sent your blog  by my mother to assist in defense of criminal charges against me for a "failure to register ".

The postal service in Virginia Beach has done this to me.

The postal service placed the wrong address on the pink delivery slip that I had to bring back to the post office to get my letter. The numerical address on the slip was correct. However, the street name was not. I had this issue before with a picture update letter where the postman put the slip in one of my neighbors boxes and my neighbor delivered it to me. In this recent case, I received the letter in my box, even though the street address was wrong.

Upon taking the slip to my post office, they could not find the letter. For 3 days I took it up there never noticing that the street name was wrong. So rather than the post office looking for a letter with my name, they are looking for a letter with the address from the pink slip, kept being told that the letter must be out for delivery. In my opinion, it's idiotic to even come up with the thought that the postal service would continue to try to deliver the parcel, knowing that the recipient would be trying to pick it up from the post office. Once I got that mess straightened out everything was fine. Until I mailed it back.

I mailed my letter several days prior to the due date. I am one of those people that stays on top of this. So I check what I can on the VSP-SOR website to ensure I am in compliance.  I noticed that my last registry date had not been updated. And this was about a week after the due date for my re-registration. I called Richmond to the VSP-HQ on Midlothian Trnpk and was told that they had a two week backlog in mail.

A week following that call, a trooper came to my house; I am sure with every intention to incarcerate me that evening. I told him my issues and what I have done to resolve them. He checked the notes and saw where it had been entered into my file that I called Richmond with concern and gave it another two weeks. Richmond still hadn't received my letter by the 15th of April and it's deadline was March 14th. I was booked on the 15th for the charges and had to bond myself out. I paid for a ride to Richmond to submit a registration forms in person at the VSP-HQ.

Now the question is whether or not the judge will dismiss the charges, seeing as how nobody could tell me if they would dropped and/or it is now up to the discretion of the courts.

I know all of you are tired of receiving these emails from me; I’m tired of sending them. But until steps are taken to fix these known problems my emails will continue. 

I’m sure someone will send this email onto the VSP Leadership and that’s fine, they need to read it but if I send it just to them history has shown nothing positive would come from it. I wish I didn’t have to say this but knowing what I know….. I have to. The RSO who contacted me with this latest issue should not have to worry about ANY backlash for sharing his recent experience with the VSP and USPS with me and I’ve asked him to let me know if he does. 

It’s time for Virginia to build a better registry and re-registration system I’ve provided numerous examples of continued failures, it’s time for change.

Mary Davye Devoy