Thursday, July 7, 2016

50 States Per Capita for Registered Sex Offenders, As of June 2016 Oregon is #1 and Virginia is #22

I am so over Excel charts! This is my last chart for a while folks. 

Since the NCMEC June 2016 Map came out yesterday, the per capita chart I made during the 2016 Virginia GA session per the request of a Virginia Delegate needed to be revised. 

NCMEC gives the 100,000 per capita numbers but that really doesn’t mean much to most folks, they need something a bit more tangible. So I took the idea from my Virginia State Police Registry Growth chart where I calculate 1 out of every Adult Male in the State. 

Now, not every Registered Sex Offender is a Male, in Virginia approximately 5% of the VSP Registry is female. 

Also not every Registered Sex Offender is an adult; there are juveniles in most States who are Registered Sex Offenders. Plus there are States with Private Registries and NCMEC doesn’t state anywhere if their official count is including juveniles or private lists. Finally NCMEC claims their Registered Sex Offender count does NOT include incarcerated Registered Sex Offenders, well what about civilly committed SVP’s? We don’t know. 

So this Per Capita Chart (see below) is as good as the NCMEC data is. 

There aren’t any big changes in per capita since December 2015 but I’ve included that chart too for anyone who is interested in comparing them. 

Oregon is still #1 per capita for Registered Sex Offenders. One out of every 140 person is an RSO and one out of every 53 Adult Male is a Registered Sex Offender. 

New Mexico moved up the most by 3 spots and South Carolina dropped the most by 7 spots. 

Maryland is the lowest US State (not US Territory) at #52. One out of every 855 person is an RSO and one out of every 321 Adult Male is a Registered Sex Offender. 

Numerous States went up and down 1-2 spots including Virginia we’re now #22 for RSO per capita. One out of every 376 person is an RSO and one out of every 141 Adult Male is a Registered Sex Offender. Just remember these are NCMEC’s number, not the Virginia State Polices annual numbers whom I trust to be more accurate and they include incarcerated RSO’s. 

Mary Devoy