Thursday, August 25, 2016

U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals Rules Michigan Sex Offender Restrictions ARE Punitive and Retroactive Laws Passed by Legislature DO Violate Ex Post Facto

If I hadn’t joined Twitter back in April I wouldn’t have seen Professor Corey Rayburn Yung’s tweets about this BIG decision today! 

A heads up to the Virginia Legislature! 

Today the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with two points I’ve been making for 8 years here in Virginia. Our Register Sex Offender restrictions (loitering, residency, employment, date changes, etc) are 100% punitive AND when the Legislature passes new RSO laws every year if the Legislature doesn't
include a start date so then the VSP applies them retroactively to existing RSO's that's a Constitutional violation!

The U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals Ruled that:
  1. Michigan’s Sex Offender Restrictions ARE Punitive, not simply administrative
  2. Michigan’s Retroactive Laws against Registered Sex Offenders Passed by Legislature over the Years DO Violate Ex Post Facto

The U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals covers:
Mary Devoy 

JOHN DOES #1–5; MARY DOE v. RICHARD SNYDER, Governor of the State of Michigan 
“SORA brands registrants as moral lepers solely on the basis of a prior conviction. It consigns them to years, if not a lifetime, of existence on the margins, not only of society, but often, as the record in this case makes painfully evident, from their own families, with whom, due to school zone restrictions, they may not even live. It directly regulates where registrants may go in their daily lives and compels them to interrupt those lives with great frequency in order to appear in person before law enforcement to report even minor changes to their information”.

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