Thursday, September 29, 2016

In 2016 19.28% of the Virginia Legislature Has Met with Sex Offender Registry Reform Advocate

On a side note:
I haven’t posted in September until today just because I needed a break. 

For 8 years I have gone full-throttle as a volunteer advocate and this September I’ve been working on some home projects and just decided not to do any posts unless there was a major RSO issue that needed to be addressed, which there wasn’t. I did post news articles in the In the News page AND on my Twitter page @MaryDofVA almost daily for those of you watching the lower right menu Twitter feed. 

I’ll be back to posting weekly if not daily in October.


My husband and I met with another Virginia Senator today and we have one more Senator meeting scheduled next week and that will complete our Spring to Fall 2016 meeting requests 

Of the 14 requests to Virginia Delegates and Senators that I made, minus the two above:
  • 1 Delegate and 1 Senator Legislative Assistants advised me that because I was not a constituent the lawmaker would never meet w/ me. I’ve been trying to meet with both this Delegate and Senator for 8 years.
  • 1 Delegate and 2 Senator’s office completely ignored every request I made, never replying.
  • 1 Senator’s office advised me to schedule meeting during the 2017 session, which I will.
  • 1 Delegate and 1 Senator Legislative Assistants advised me that in the autumn the lawmakers would schedule a meeting with me. I explained to them that almost all of October and November would not be an option for us so I offered up numerous dates in August and September and the L.A.’s either turned down dates or let the clock run out without responding to me. I’ve been trying to meet with this Delegate for 8 years.

  • Either my husband and I or just myself met with:
                        1- Delegate
                        4- Senators  I’ve been trying to meet with 2 of these Senators for 8 years and 1 of them for 4 years.

That’s 7 out of 14 requests resulted in a meeting. 

  • Plus a Delegate requested a meeting with me that since it had been a few years, so I did and then another Delegate that I asked to patron a Bill in 2017, scheduled a phone conference.
During the 2016 Virginia General Assembly the meeting count was 17 Delegates and 3 Senators. 

So in 2016 of the 140 Virginia Legislators (currently 2 vacancies and after Novembers Election there could be 3 others) I’ve sat down with 18 Delegates and 9 Senators, that's 19.28% of the Virginia Legislature. 

Ask your Virginia Delegate and Senator if they’ve ever taken 30 minutes to meet with Mary Devoy.  

If their reply is ‘no’, ask them if Mary Devoy has ever made such a request and if their reply is ‘yes’ ask them why they haven’t scheduled a meeting to discuss the Virginia Sex Offender Registry. 

Thank you! 

Mary Devoy