Friday, October 28, 2016

The US Supreme Court Will Hear North Carolina Case on Law that Bans Social Media Sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc) for Registered Sex Offenders

If the U.S. Supreme Courts voids the North Carolina law then any other State that has a similar law on the books will have to revoke it OR rewrite it if the Supreme Court leaves the door open for a rewrite. 

If the U.S. Supreme Courts upholds the North Carolina law then you can bet your bottom-dollar States across the country will jump on the bandwagon and pass laws doing the same. 

Right now the US Supreme Court has only 8 justices instead of the standard 9 that means there is a possibility there could be a tie vote and that happens then the North Carolina's Supreme Court ruling would stand. 

This is an important RSO case to keep an eye on folks! 

Mary Devoy 

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